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The Collective Education Methodology

November 29, 2019 at 10:29pm

The Collective Education Methodology

November 29, 2019 at 10:29pm (Edited 3 months ago)

To live a fulfilling, joyous life and achieve our dreams it is essential to continue to learn and grow as individuals.

Problem 🀬

The traditional education system is broken. It is an overpriced, one-size-fits-none system that focuses on memorization and taking tests - not actually learning.

Online learning tools (uDemy, Coursera, etc) help bring wider access and lower prices, however, due to their isolated, passive learning experiences they still fall short in helping people actually grow. These online learning systems simply digitized the broken traditional education methodology.

Vision 🌎

Help millions unlock greatness by transforming how the world learns with a methodology for 21st-century education.

This new methodology is called, "Collective Education".

Collective Education Principles πŸ’–

Collective Education - Principles.png

The Collective Education Framework βš™οΈ

Collective Education - DRAFT3-01.jpg


Let's quickly review each element of the Collective Education framework.

  • Phases: The framework is broken into three phases which set the tone for that period of the cycle.
  • Steps: Within each phase, there are a number of steps the student will go through to progress in their journey.
  • Milestones: Each phase is capped off with a milestone the students work towards. Milestones have two purposes - 1) Milestones work as a forcing function to motivate students and avoid procrastination. 2) Milestones deliberately incorporate the wider community to help the student grow better together.
  • Rhythm: To help establish good habits, build momentum and create lasting change we must use a rhythm. Rhythm refers to the schedule, time period, and frequency of the phases and steps in the framework.

Phase 1 - Explore πŸ”¬

The purpose of the "Explore" phase is for students to gain a deeper understanding of what they are trying to learn and develop the most effective plan as possible.

Duration: 2 Weeks

  • Step 1 - Question: Before jumping in, it's important that students step back to analyze the current state of their chosen topic and various learning paths they might go down. This is done by developing a serious of questions based on the topic, held assumptions, people involved, and learning path options.
  • Step 2 - Research: With their questions identified, students will conduct the necessary research to uncover answers and clear any fog they might have on how to make progress on their topic.
  • Step 3 - Plan: Students will now organize a plan of attack for how they will accel at learning their chosen topic over the next ten weeks.
  • Milestone - Base Camp: The Explore phase culminates with a community event called the "Base Camp". Much how mountaineers regroup before a mountain climb, the students will regroup with the community and their coaches to present their learning plan and see how they might better collaborate with the plans of other students.

Phase 2 - Learn πŸ’‘

During the "Learn" phase students will work to collect, document and synthesize as much existing knowledge around the topic they are trying to learn. During the Learn phase, all three steps listed below happen simultaneously.

Duration: 4 Weeks

  • Step 1 - Study: The first step of the "Learn" phase is for students to dive deep into the existing knowledge on the topic they are trying to learn. This includes, but is not limited to, taking courses, reading books, attending workshops and events, or listening to lectures.
  • Step 2 - Mentors: Students will either directly or indirectly learn from and modal after individuals who have already mastered the topic.
  • Step 3 - Journal: While going through this process, students keep a detailed journal where they document and reinvent the information they are gathering.
  • Milestone - Workshop: The Learn phase wraps up with a community workshop comprised of a mix of both coach-led and student-led modules. While coach-led modules are focused on driving home core concepts, the purpose of student-led modules is to turn them from student to teacher - educating and facilitating activities with the community around what they have learned.

Phase 3 - Apply πŸ’ͺ

With the first two phases setting the stage, the "Apply" phase is where the magic happens. The purpose of the Apply phase is for students to take the knowledge they've acquired and put it into practice to gain first-hand experience and generate real-world results.

They Apply phase includes three steps - "Create", "Share", and "Iterate". Students will cycle through these three steps as many times as possible during the Apply phase - more cycles result in more learning.

Duration: 6 Weeks

  • Step 1 - Create: Students design and build a hands-on project focused on generating real-world results. Whatever they create will start simple and focused on the core idea of the topic they want to learn.
  • Step 2 - Share: As soon as students have something tangible to show, they will share their work with various collective members, coaches, and mentors to gain feedback on how to improve.
  • Step 3 - Iterate: Based on the feedback, students will continuously improve upon their project with the goal of generating greater real-world results.

  • Milestone 3 - Science Fair: After a number of cycles of creating, sharing, iterating, the Apply phase comes to a close with a community "Science Fair". Much like in elementary school, students will take turns presenting their project, the results they generated and their key learning lessons from the previous three months.

From here, a coach and student work together to determine if they would like to do another cycle on the same topic or move to another topic. Either way, the cycles of learning never stop in Collective Education.


You're Invited!

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