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Why have we chosen Keyy for the new home of Inbound After Hours?

December 11, 2020 at 4:53pm

Why have we chosen Keyy for the new home of Inbound After Hours?

December 11, 2020 at 4:53pm (Edited 4 months ago)

Justin Timberlake leaving NSYNC. The Sopranos ending after seven seasons. Digital 22 outgrowing its old office. All good things come to an end. The next big groundbreaking move? We’re shifting Inbound After Hours from our private Facebook group exclusively to Keyy.


Why though?

At the time, a Facebook group was perfect. Cast your mind back to when Mark Zuckerberg was first under the spotlight and he changed the Facebook algorithm to make it all about ‘meaningful interactions’. Yeah, THAT’S when we decided creating a private Facebook group was the answer.

Fast forward some years and we were anxiously waiting to hit the delete button as quickly as we put it live.

We created it to be a place where inbound marketers come to share knowledge. Talk about inbound marketing. Discuss inbound marketing tactics. Help each other progress. Make sure we offer each other support to help our businesses grow.

I think we achieved that. It solidified to us at Digital 22 that it was the right move by how many of you joined (close to 400 this year!). That was great; it featured avid users who wanted to be in this type of community to talk to each other.

We won’t shy away from our mistakes, though. So, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry we didn’t dedicate enough time to drive conversation, but we’re fixing it in 2021.

Another mistake was choosing Facebook groups in the first place and sticking with it when we realised it wasn’t working. My bad.

We joined Facebook as it worked at the time. It was the place to be as LinkedIn wasn’t doing great. Slack was fine but was expensive when you try to remove barriers so Facebook felt right. A real natural fit. Like most of us though, marketers are migrating from Facebook and the algorithm changes aren’t helping. Yeah, you get decent visibility but then Facebook makes you pay for the privilege.

We’re sorting it now. We’ve chosen Keyy as our platform where Inbound After Hours will now live and we’d love it if you’d join us.

Alright, so why Keyy?

Facebook isn’t in control of our community anymore. We are. We can own it and control who sees what so you never miss out anything because of pesky algorithm updates. Here are some other reasons why Keyy is the perfect platform for Inbound After Hours:

  • Educational community: That’s what we believe Inbound After Hours is - a place where we can all share knowledge. For that, you need a platform dedicated to focusing on education, which is exactly what Keyy is. It just feels right.
  • Better engagement: Did you know on average, only 5% of people see content on Facebook groups? So if you were wondering why you hadn’t seen some of our posts in a while... blame Facebook.
  • Built for education: Facebook groups aren’t built for education or communities at scale. That’s a fact. Keyy is. It’s a place we can collaborate, share, support and grow together with other inbound marketers, like you!
  • Real-time chat: Keyy takes the best of Facebook groups, Medium and Slack and mushes it all together - that includes real-time chat so we can communicate without waiting days for an answer.
  • All in one place: We finally have a place we can all directly embed content. That means none of us has to wander off to another website and forget to head back to the group. The end result? A better experience for us all.
  • Earn as you learn: Found a new tactic you want to share with others? Stick it in. A resource that’s well worth a read? Post it. On Keyy, you can earn as you learn and trade in Keyy coins via a marketplace… more on that later down the road.
  • Community-driven posts: As a community member, you can create posts, ask questions and leave comments whenever you want.
  • World-class search: With Keyy, you can easily browse and search content in the Inbound After Hours community, making it easier for everyone to learn and unlock value.

And that’s just a brief overview of why Keyy is the best choice for Inbound After Hours. It’s an engaging place where we can talk to each other and finally make sure we see each other’s posts! By making the switch, we’re hopeful of getting much higher engagement levels. You want inbound information and engagement - we can do this and more at Keyy.

What do I have to look forward to as part of the Inbound After Hours community on Keyy?

First off, I can promise you we’re going to be more committed to Inbound After Hours in 2021. Like most of you, we’ve been working hard on our 2021 marketing calendar and this group has been identified as an area that’ll get more time and energy investment.

There’s already templates and insights in here to get stuck in to. Over the next few months, there will be more resources to download, swipe, update, talk about, make them better as a starting point - anything you want. You’ll also get some bonus exclusive content as well.

The one I’m probably the most excited about is the open office hour sessions. It’s an hour or so where you can pick the brains of those in the group. Whether it’s someone from the Digital 22 team or you as the community members, we want everyone to participate and run these sessions so we can ask each other questions and talk about our individual specialities.

First up, we have Rikki - Digital 22’s Founder and Managing Director. He’ll run through what you can do to continue to successfully market during COVID-19, so it’s definitely worth sticking around for that.

It’s going to be a lot more engaging than it was over on Facebook groups. You can sign up straight away with no barriers or payment gateway rubbish. Join in the community with other inbound marketers so we can help each other grow.


January 4, 2021 at 12:17pm

I'm a big of this move and also a BIG fan of this post on why we've moved house... All company update posts should make you smile like this 😆