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Join me to talk about your 2021 marketing plans

January 15, 2021 at 10:30am

Join me to talk about your 2021 marketing plans

January 15, 2021 at 10:30am (Edited 5 months ago)

Hey everyone,

Delighted to be hosting our first Open Office Hours on Wednesday 20th January at 11am to 1pm.

The theme will be marketing planning for 2021, details here 👇

To join in:

  1. Join this group (if you haven't already)
  2. Post your questions below - anything at all about marketing in 2021
  3. Be here at 11am to 1pm on Wednesday 20th January - add to your calendar by clicking here
  4. There will be a link to join the video chat or you can chat with people using the comments below too

See you there 😁


January 16, 2021 at 11:52am

My question ( or one of them ) is what is a normal balance between budget on Higher intent PPC search vs brand awareness using display ads - for a normal B2B company - as I have become worried about the amount we spend on Display and the lack of quantification of their impact. Thanks!


Brilliant question. I'll get some thoughts ready and look forward to chatting on Wednesday!

Making notes as we are chatting live on Google Meet:

Some questions from my side first:

  1. What are you using for display ads? What channels?
  2. What are the display ads? Services, content?
  3. How are you tracking display ad success now?

“What is a normal balance between budget on higher intent PPC search vs brand awareness using display ads - for a normal B2B company”

  • If we are talking regular display ads on the Google Network I would suggest a ratio something like 20% awareness (generally display), 20% consideration (display + search), 60% decision (a mixture of all but heavy search)
  • I’d say that 20% awareness using Google display should really be a maximum number too, it’s quite generous. For my own business I wouldn’t go over 5% / 10% / 85% ratio
  • Instead I’d use the money for awareness based ads on social - where I can add more value with the ads and drive trackable action
  • I generally consider remarketing in the decision pot which is worth noting

“Display ads are tough to measure - but do you folks have any thoughts on working this out?”

  • Agree if we are talking about brand display ads it's a holistic uptick in brand awareness which is near possible to track
  • BUT for most companies in the Inbound space (SME/Mid-market companies) that’s not what they are trying to achieve we display ads. They are trying to drive top of the funnel which should be trackable
  • Push content which helps the personas pain points, make that the first touchpoint of building brand awareness
  • Have that push point have a logical next step that captures a lead
  • If you are spending heavily on display consider Adroll - it has been tracking for influenced contacts and conversion paths
  • A good talk on a similar subject by Adroll at our event worth watching:

January 18, 2021 at 11:28am

How do you think COVID-19 will continue to shape marketing as we know it in 2021? 🤔


Jumping in with the big one Molly 👍😅

We had a good chat about this, some topics covered:

January 19, 2021 at 11:27am

Hi Ricky, can you please share some insight on how to better align sales and marketing teams? Would love to hear your thoughts, I am currently having this challenge.


Hey @rene - that sounds like a fun topic. I'll add this to the agenda for tomorrow. 👌

I love this question

It’s a genuine problem for most businesses

When we start working with clients and ask for sales and marketing to be in the same meeting it can sometimes be the first time that's happened

Some ideas to help:

  • Align goals - make sure marketing and sales are working towards the same ‘North Star’
  • Sure they can have KPIs on there own but they should be indicators of that North Star
  • Have joint meetings - our internal ‘management meetings’ for sales and marketing is joint - it’s the same meeting
  • Involve sales in the process - they know so much about your potential customers, they speak to them every day. Interview salespeople for persona knowledge, run the campaign ideas past them. Make it feel like their idea
  • We’ve had a lot of experts speak to us about this topic so these resources should help:
  • How Marketers can use Sales Tools to Support their Sales Teams:
  • Sales and Marketing alignment:

Hi Ricky,

I am keen to know any best practice for email campaigns to large volumes of recipients. We market to the NHS and some of our campaigns might have a couple of thousand recipients, currently, we manually batch the campaigns, but there must be a better way!




Great topic. Got some thoughts to share of that from chats I've chat in the past couple of weeks 🤓


Discussing live on the call now.

Let’s look at this in two parts:

“best practice for email campaigns to large volumes of recipients”

  • Segmentation is the key for a successful email campaign. Ask yourself how might we segment this data to make the recipient feel like the email is just for them?
  • Some ideas: have filters for geography, job title, job role, type of company they work for, division of company they work in.
  • Then break down your database into these lists and tweak the messaging for each. So instead of sending on email to 2,000 people, you are sending 10 emails to 200 people. The open rates and click through rates will be so much better
  • On top of this we also use send time technology so we schedule an email out over a week and allow the AI to deliver at a time when the person is likely to open the email, rather than everyone getting it at an arbitrary time (eg 10am on Tuesday)
  • Marketing to the NHS (and other similar companies that have very good spam filters)
  • Getting your email to send to these type of people is only the start, you have to actually land in their inbox which can be tricky

Some tips to help with this:

  • Don’t continue to send email to unengaged contacts, it reduces your ‘sender score’ - like a spam score. It’s better to have a small healthy list than a big list with low engagement
  • Make sure the tech side is setup on your marketing email system such as connecting your email sending domain and having all your details in the footer (address, unsubscribe link)
  • Try and make the emails as simple as possible - avoid forms, attachments, flash etc inside the email
  • Keep your email pain - I like a good old rich text email - ‘designed emails’ can be a sign that its a marketing email and can be hard for some systems to open - both spam signals
  • Have the email come from a person rather than company - in 90% of cases your open rate will be better

Hey @rikki what tools would you advise on utilising to plan and execute a marketing strategy? With remote working now at the forefront finding the best tools to ensure the team is aligned can be tricky. Be great to get your thoughts.


Oooo... I like that question 👏

Discussing live on the call now, some notes:

  • One caller - Intranet plus HubSpot for, recording studio
  • One caller - video recording equipment for demos, started webinars and user groups

January 20, 2021 at 3:15am

My question or (one of them) is how much budget I will be able to have in this marketingmattermarketinofmarketingmattermarketinofgg of 2021.

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January 20, 2021 at 10:31am

Hey everyone, ill be going live on the chat and on video here in 30 mins - see you there 😁


Thanks @rikki Joining now 😃

Thanks Rikki - that was some very interesting perspectives on marketing spends - confirmed my thoughts and much appreciated!!


Thanks for joining. Was good to speak with you again 👍

In which I'd can I joinjoin the meeting in Google meet.

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