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Trending Upwards | SEO Podcast | Ep1

March 2, 2021 at 10:33am

Trending Upwards | SEO Podcast | Ep1

March 2, 2021 at 10:33am

Struggling with your SEO strategy? Not sure how to combat client requests? Feel like hitting Google with a dropkick when there's an unexpected algorithm update? I feel you.

We managed to get Danielle and Tiff from our SEO team to sit down and discuss how they overcome these challenges in their inaugural Trending Upwards podcast.

Join @danielle-whittaker & @tiffany-payne for their first episode of Trending upwards, they discuss how to plan campaigns for SEO and what to prioritise. 👇

The team reflects on previous strategies and analyses the takeaways and have ongoing conversations about them. These include:

  • Questioning how they did in terms of the goals in the last quarter so they can avoid mistakes
  • Finding out what worked well and what didn't. If something didn't work well, they'll drill down and find out the why behind it
  • They'll collaborate by working across all of our teams to get the best results
  • The SEO team makes content suggestions and work with the Dev guys to enhance collaborative working and results
  • Think about client trend trends
  • What's planned in - and why
  • Adding to wishlists and prioritising what to focus on to get better results
  • And more.

That's just a top-level overview of what the two discussed in the first episode of their Trending Upwards podcast. Watch the full session for more insights 😀

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